Roof Replacement in Ottawa

Roof Replacement in Ottawa

If you’ve just bought an older home or your current home is overdue for a new roof, then finding the right company for the job is important. You don’t want to hire a company that will half-do the job, or cut corners and cost you more money within years of having the roof replaced. 

Living in Ottawa also means that winter will be very white from the feet of snow you’ll get during those months, and too much snow can lead to some damages that may get worse and require a complete replacement of your roof. When it comes to replacing your roof or even upgrading the materials, you’ll need to find the right company for the job.

When Should you Replace Your Roof in Ottawa?

There comes a point when repairs no longer work, and the roof needs to be stripped down to the sheet board and replaced from that point. But when do you know you’ve reached that point with your roof?

  • When one leak is fixed, another appears: if you’ve just had a leak on one side of the house fixed, and another appears sometime later away from the first, then your roof may be compromised enough to require a complete replacement.
  • Snow keeps melting off your roof: if you get a dusting of snow one night, and the following day is still gloomy and cold, but the snow is melting from your roof, then you have an insulation problem that needs to be fixed quickly.
  • It’s over 20 years old: If your home is old and hasn’t had the roof inspected for a while and is starting to have problems then it’s best to have it inspected. If the list of problems is long, then your best option is to replace it completely.
  • It’s a Fixer-upper and needs work: If you purchased the home in “as-is” condition and it doesn’t look so great, your best bet is to have the roof replaced if an inspection reveals a long list of problems.

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