Do Eavestroughs (Gutters) Cause Ice Dams? Ottawa Ice Dam Problems

Do Eavestroughs (Gutters) Cause Ice Dams? Ottawa Ice Dam Problems

If you live in Ottawa, you’ve likely seen an ice dam in your gutter (Eavestrough). These chunks of ice may start in your gutter and slowly extend onto your roof. While ice and water protector can protect your roof from ice dams, there are also gutter solutions that can prevent them. One solution is to have a professional install heating cables on your eavestrough and low roof line so that if your clogged or slow-draining gutters freeze over, water can no longer drain properly off the roof. As a result, more and more water gathers on your rooftop, and it may freeze when it reaches the ice dam, making the problem worse. However, most ice dams are caused by improper attic ventilation and insulation. Poorly draining gutters just exacerbate the issue.

The main way to keep gutters from freezing and contributing to ice dams is to fix the underlying issue of attic insulation. To do so, you’ll need to consult a roofing professional to discover what your roof and attic need to prevent ice dams and limit their damage.

There are a few other ways to prevent gutters from freezing, including:

  1. Have a professional remove snow from your roof after a heavy snowfall.
  2. Ensure your gutters are properly sloped.
  3. Install gutter and roof heating cables.

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